These days incorporating a website with your business is a very common and highly important strategic occurrence.

Websites can realise previously unheard of gains for their owners by engaging with appropriate communities through the use of SEO, Social Media and content strategies. But do you know all that is involved in setting up your website?

There are two basic boxes that need to be checked before work on your new website can begin.


A 3rd party needs to host your website. Hosting costs are based on a monthly hosting fee, this is payable directly to the business hosting your website.

Hosting is to some degree complex to understand, but we have found that the following analogy works best.

Website hosting can be likened to an empty building. No furnishings can be moved into the building until the space has been paid for. Similar to the furnishings your website cannot be uploaded until it has somewhere reserved for it.
This is the service that hosting companies provide. They allow website designers to upload website files (furnishings) onto servers (the empty building), which in turn are connected to the Internet and allow other people to view the files.
Hosting forms the backbone of any website as it allows the website to be accessible via the World Wide Web.


This brings us to the second box on the checklist, domain

A domain represents your business’s website address ( Think of a domain as the buildings physical address. If nobody has the buildings address, then nobody would be able to visit the building and see the furnishings. Similarly, your domain allows searches to your website. 

A domain is customisable and usually represents your business’s name or part thereof. The process is completed through a 3rd party again (usually by the same hosting company) and is fairly straightforward. Either the address you want is available or it isn’t. If the address is available, then hosting begins and if not you will need to choose a different website address. 

Domain & hosting do not form part of Knack Media & Communications direct service offering. We have however formed strategic relationships with select 3rd parties aimed at providing our clients with the ultimate domain & hosting services. Contact us to find out more.